Do you remember the Johari window, showing that the area that we all should try to minimize is the “Unknown to Self” section? How many people do you know that THINK they are great communicators, great listeners, great presenters, great managers, or great salespeople – but are not?

Wouldn’t it be beneficial to KNOW what others think you are good at and what still needs work? After all, perception is reality. To validate this feedback, it should also come from a number of people who have worked with you in different capacities. This is the beauty of a 360 degree assessment.


360 Feedback Tools

Shelley BrownA 360 assessment is a quick and easy way to gather confidential feedback on different aspects of your performance. The term 360 relates to the fact that the feedback comes from people all around you; your boss, your peers, your direct reports and even your customers (internal and/or external). They will be sent a link to a questionnaire to assess you in areas such as communication skills, problem solving, decision making, ability to manage multiple priorities, delegation, development of direct reports, sense of urgency, follow up skills, etc. The feedback is used for developmental purposes (not for rating of performance) and clearly outlines how to enhance your skillset and effectiveness.


Bromelin is certified to administer the Hay EI Competency Inventory, which has been validated against global benchmarks for high performance. This can be done as an individual developent activity or part of a larger corporate strategy. We’d love to help you be a top employee.

Shelley Brown
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