Many managers who conduct interviews with internal and external candidates have never had any formal training or utilize any recruitment tools. What is the #1 mistake that they make? THEY TALK TOO MUCH! The candidate is supposed to do 90% of the talking, but most managers take a lot of time to discuss the company, the department, the job, etc. during the first interview.


Recruitment & Selection Strategy

A comprehensive recruitment and selection strategy entails the following elements:

  • Interview Skills Training
  • Job Description or Role Profile for the open position
  • Competency profile outlining the skills and behaviours needed to perform this job
  • Interview guide with competency based questions and structured probes
  • Testing methodology
  • Candidate scoring system
  • Reference checks
  • A compelling offer of employment

Know what you want, before starting the interview process. It is worthwhile to assess if business demands have changed since the last time the job description was updated. Ensure that the competencies required are clear and in line with the departmental strategy. A competency based interview guide will help ensure consistency from one interview to another and provide a written record of your feedback on each candidate.

Testing can take many forms, proficiency, computer software, language, role plays, case studies, sample training, sample presentations, psychometric testing, in-basket exercises and leadership assessments.

Finally, many organizations do not consider the content of the job offer as part of their attraction strategy. Some companies put all of the legal jargon right at the beginning, so that candidates must search through pages before getting to the details of the job being offered. The offer should be welcoming and cover all positive aspects and benefits of joining your company.

A nice touch is to send a “Welcome Basket” to the new employee’s home prior to their first day of work, welcoming them to the organization.


Bromelin can provide:

  • Interview Skills Training
  • Role Profile Development
  • Competency Assessment
  • Interview Guides
  • Psychometric Testing
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Design of a compelling offer

All of the above services (except the training) can be provided by email and telephone.  For samples, please email [email protected].  Let me help you make your organization an employer of choice!

Shelley Brown
Bromelin People Practices