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Performance Objectives – can I get it all done?

Shelley BrownMost companies set their annual individual performance objectives at the beginning of the calendar year, but by the time May comes, many business conditions and priorities have changed.    It is important to update your objectives with the new projects that have been added to your plate.  Here are some ways to “make it work”: Put in the extra time, knowing it is for a finite period of time

  1. Assess your workload and craft a list of duties that could be given to a temporary employee or external consultant for a defined period of time.  Include costing in your assessment, so that you have all of the facts.
  2. Assess your objectives and determine those which could have the timeline extended with minimal impact to the business.
  3. Assess how this project fits in with your development plan and career objective.
  4. Think about how your participation will benefit the department (i.e. greater exposure, a voice in the decision making process, etc.)
  5. Discuss your proposal with your manager and ask for her/his support and ideas

Be sure to update your objectives so that your year end performance appraisal reflects any changes that you and your manager have agreed upon.


One of the services of Bromelin People Practices is performance management.  If you would like to discuss cascading the business goals and objectives throughout the organization or assistance with individual performance objectives, Bromelin can help.

Shelley Brown
Bromelin People Practices