Bromelin was founded around this idea, where our goal is to offer a professional and personalized service to all of our clients. When we decided to grow we took the decision to keep that value in the center of our organization. Our goal is to make sure we offer great care to all of our clients and treat them like they were our only client. Our team cares and we want to work with people that care about their employees.


Respect has always been a must in our organization and in HR. Bromelin wishes to bring positivity in all the organizations we work with. We believe respect is key for an organization to succeed and to grow in a healthy way. We expect everyone to be respectful in the workplace and we truly want the best for everyone.


We offer our knowledge in hope you get to be a better organization. Collaboration between our clients and our team fasten the common purpose. Our purpose is to work together in hope we get to grow, learn and be more efficient. Bromelin has a combined 150 years of HR experience and working closely together allows us to quickly find the best approach to difficult and unique issues. Our team shares best practices, news and knowledge together to allow our clients to receive the best possible service in which ever domain they may be.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Our approach will always be to seek out ways to change your organization for the better. Bromelin always keeps an eye out for best practices and continues to innovate and improve to better help our clients. Our entrepreneurial mindset makes us proactive rather than waiting for change. We embrace new ideas and new ways of approaching issues knowing the best practices of yesterday are out-dated.


Passion is why Bromelin exists. Bromelin would never have seen the day if passion for HR and for consulting was not at it’s core. From our founder to our newest Bromelin employee, we surround ourselves with people that have a passion for the well-being of employees. Our energy is driven by our client’s passion and our own. Passion is the reason we get to work harder than our competitors and that is why we are successful.


Accountability is a critical part for Bromelin. It is mandatory for everyone in the team to be accountable for what they say and do. We take full responsibility in the actions we take and always disclose the results of our findings in a transparent manner. This allows us to create trust with our customer while maximizing the impact we can bring to them.