I had the opportunity to work closely with Shelley and together we developed a compelling vision for the organization where we both worked at the time. It became the foundation for the company culture and rallied the employees around a common aspiration for the company. Shelley knows the broad HR discipline very well, and in particular, has a great insight and feel for what it takes to create an optimal work environment. Consequent to this work, the organization scored very well in the top 50 best companies to work for in Canada.


Ian T. Clark
Vice-présidente exécutif, Opérations commerciales
Genentech Inc. – San Francisco, Californie

Shelley is an innovative Human Resources professional who offers an excellent strategic view of attracting the best talent to the organization. She knows how to create and profile a best in class work environment, how to create a compelling offer and how to integrate new managers into the organization so that they are productive immediately. As part of an attraction strategy, she created an employer brand that is impressive in the external market place. In addition to her professional abilities, she is a true pleasure to deal with and I have enjoyed working with her over the years. groom associates

Karen Groom
Groom " Associates – Montréal, Québec

I have had the opportunity to work with Shelley over the years and I find her to be a passionate, genuine, open, honest individual. She has a calm and almost gentle approach, her demeanour is positive and she is a values driven leader. This is clear evidence of passion, drive and a focus on results. Shelley has been described as someone fully confident and capable of pushing back, challenging senior leaders and impacting positive change. Shelley is an individual of high integrity, someone who will challenge at the leadership table in a respectful and firm manner, she is a confident and trusted advisor.


Howard Pezim
Founding Partner, Co-Managing Director
The Bedford Group Toronto, Ontario

I worked with Shelley for over 5 years and during that time I saw her take the Human Resources strategy from basic service to top employer status at the organization where we worked at the time. She put in a market based compensation system, an annual employee satisfaction survey and actually followed up on all of the results. She introduced a retention strategy that involved a departmental potential defection analysis that gave me a report, by employee, on the percentage chance of them leaving the company and also gave recommendations on what to do about it. Her approach to talent management was excellent, including performance calibration meetings to ensure all managers were consistent in their approach when evaluating their staff. We had good results with the talent management and succession planning, ensuring people had a solid career plan. She is an extremely caring person as well, ensuring that people were treated with respect and assessed what would motivate and develop them on an individual basis.


Frances Shanahan
Chief Information Officer
Alcan Packaging - Montreal, Quebec

I have had the pleasure of knowing Shelley for almost 20 years. Shelley worked for a number of excellent organizations and used my company to manage the employee relocation. As a result, I was able to see Shelleys approach to employee satisfaction. We often would meet for lunch and discuss the people issues within my organization and I was always impressed with her insight and creative approach to attracting new employees, retaining the ones I had, ideas around compensation, reward and recognition and management behaviours.


Russ Taylor
Taylor Moving and Storage Burlington, Ontario

Shelley has the ability to walk into a meeting, observe the individuals, the dynamics, the leadership behaviours and quickly identify levels of satisfaction, unique talents, derailers, management style and level of team effectiveness. Her ability to coach at the management and executive level is extremely valuable she tells it like it is and backs it up with specific actions that need to be taken to bring the individual or team to a higher level of performance. I have had the benefit of her coaching over the years, and it has been a true added value.


Benoit Lemelin
Vice President, Human Resources
Bristol-Myers Squibb Montreal, Quebec

Shelley has been an excellent resource for me for the last 4 years in many areas of Human Resources. She has advised me on compensation, performance management, employee development, company culture and general management issues. Shelley has a strategic view of the business while employing a caring and personal approach. She understands the demands of working in a multi-national organization as well as the specific issues that motivate individual employees. I have truly enjoyed working with her over the years and look forward to partnering with her again in the future.

Robert Keske
Chief Technical Officer
Nice Shoes LLC., New York

Based on my experience of working with Shelley Brown, Bromelin People Practices will be a welcome resource for Human Resource professionals looking for the ideal in consulting assistance: strategic advice coupled with practical implementation expertise. In synthesizing what she has learned in senior HR roles in several organizations, Shelley provides value in all areas of HR practices she has truly seen it all when it comes to human resources. As a professional, Shelley strives to walk her talk so that her internal or external clients benefit from a HR leadership role model as well as a knowledgeable consultant. Long live Bromelin People Practices!

Louise Macdonald
Bussandri Macdonald Groupe Conseil Inc.

Shelley is a focused, results orientated career coach. I hired Shelley when I decided to make a career change into another industry. Shelley helped me to formulate a very effective strategy in a downward economy. The result in just 30 days was me securing a position in a highly successful organization. What differentiates Shelley is her sales approach to career counselling. She works closely with her clients to bring the value equation front and centre. Shelley becomes part of your ongoing career planning in that she does not leave you after the services are finished. Her approach is long term with a continuous plan for execution. I would highly recommend Shelley and will use her services again.

Susan A. Dixon

Shelley is a consumate professional. She was responsible for our organzation’s human resource function during the transition away from Bristol- Myers Squibb in 2008. In a very short time frame, she managed a smooth and transparent swtich to a completely independant organization. Through her Bromelin company, Shelley also offers best in class career planning and personnel development services for cuctomers. I highly recommend her.


Franco Di Clemente
Business Unit Director
Lantheus Medical Imaging

Shelley is a true business partner and subject matter expert. She has the unique ability to assess and understand your specific need while drawing on her past experiences with leading employers to recommend best practice solutions. Shelley Brown is by far one of the best HR professionals I have had the opportunity to work with. Shelley is a true HR business partner – a business leader and HR practitioner in perfect balance. Shelley is also an incredible people leader and developer of top talent. Years have passed yet I still hold Shelley’s leadership as the standard I try to achieve.


Brian Flanagan
Director HR Talent Management
Johnson & Johnson

Shelley is one of the most talented HR professionals I had the pleasure of working with. Not only does she possess the expertise and experience to be very effective in all aspects of human resource management, she also has a tremendous ability to help people better understand their personal strengths and how to live their professional life to the fullest. I have worked with Shelley as part of a larger team as well as on a one-on-one basis. It was a joy and privilege that I would not want to miss


Frank Bobe
CEO, President
ENTRA Pharmaceuticals Inc.

I worked with Shelley for six years. Shelley brings strong HR savvy, business acumen, as well as great leadership and interpersonal skills to her roles… and most specifically, her role as Vice President, Human Resources. She was a pleasure to work with, combining organizational courage, diplomacy and a strong intuition on how to address many of the organizational challenges that we faced as a company over my six years there. Under Shelley’s leadership and those of her peers, the organization experienced unprecedented growth, and the became one of the top Canadian companies to work for. Shelley’s leadership and skill was pivotal in attracting and keeping talent, reducing turn-over, managing churn-over and generating pride among the associates across the organization, all while managing a top-tier HR department. Under her leadership, the company was recognized twice by Report on Business as one of Canada’s top 50 employers (ranking within the top 25 each time) and the top ! of employer in Quebec in another key ranking for two years in a row. This was exceptional, and I am grateful to have learned so much from her and to have worked with her closely.


Jason Jacobs
Senior Manager, Strategic Business Communications, BMO Financial Group

As an innovative, business-minded HR leader, Shelley was able to quickly earn credibility with her internal clients and help them more effectively achieve their business goals. She had the unique ability to blend organization development and talent management practices with pragmatic HR fundamentals to enable sustainable change for the benefit of those she worked with. Shelley also was a very strong developer of HR talent and the HR team members looked to her for role modeling and coaching. She was also a good coach and confidante for her key clients; her advice was often sought on complex issues.


Susan Layman
Vice President Human Resources
FT Services

I worked directly with Shelley through a period of high growth in the Pharmaceutical industry. Shelley was a strong HR generalist with exceptional organizational development skills. Her creativity led to a number of strategic initiatives that put the organization on the map for North America and the industry. She has an innate ability to move from concept to practical application. Examples include a field sales competency project, training needs assessment, succession planning facilitation (group discussion), recruitment strategies, and diversity strategy. I recommend her as a business/human resources consultant.


Bill R McCarthy
VP, Human Resources
Preclinical Development, GlaxoSmithKline

Brown is Sensational! I’ve known Shelley since the early ’90s when we first worked together in the Pharmaceutical Industry. She has a keen awareness of human behavior and a truly unique talent fo being able to quickly size up complex employee situations and anticipate performance issues. This enables her to provide clients with wonderful insight into what’s really going on in the workplace and recommend practical solutions. I’ve seen Shelley captivate audiences with well prepared and professionally delivered training workshops. She seeks to understand what’s truly important in business and leads with passion – always. I recommend Shelley without reservation.

Lee Reich CHRP, SPHR
Senior HR Professional at RMC

You need someone to listen to you, to understand the people and related business implications, and then to find an innovative solution that creates a change that is win-win? That is what Shelley can do in a very effective manner. She was instrumental in helping me with a number of challenges when I was a Director at the same company, but her key accomplishment at that time, perhaps, was the hands-on role she played in helping effect a shared-services model between two separate and distinct business units without losing sight of the strategic objective. A pleasure to work with.


Martin Fisher
Bescot Healthcare Canada

As a key member of our Organizational Development team during a merger, Shelley led the development of an interactiive learning experience that brought staff from both organizations together as members of the new entity. The result was a great sense of pride across the organization, and great anticipation for the future. Shelley poured over every detail related to the creation of our new learning centre, while developing the training curriculum, which included training programs such as Respecting Individual Dignity and Differences, Interpersonal Communication Skills, and Basic Leadership Skills. Not only is Shelley great fun to work with, she is a wonderful mentor and always willing to share her expertise with others.

Marguerite O’Neal, CHRP
Strategic Senior Executive HR & Organizational
Development, Lakeridge Health Corporation

Working with Shelley Brown and the Bromelin Team has been a great experience. They took ownership as an extension of our team and got the job done!

groupe encore
Monique Mardinian
Groupe Encore