The war for talent is here.  You know the statistics, that the baby boomers did not replace themselves in society and the lower birth rate has resulted in fewer university graduates to fill the “pipeline” of talent in organizations.  As older baby boomers retire, the employees entering the workforce will be new grads and new immigrants.  How do you attract those new grads to your organization?   Where should you look?


University Rankings

Shelley BrownShelley Brown Every January MacLean’s magazine features a ranking of Canadian universities, taking a measure of the undergraduate experience, comparing universities in three peer groupings.  For medical, the rankings were:

  1. McGill
  2. Toronto
  3. UBC
  4. Queen’s
  5. Alberta
  6. McMaster
  7. Dalhousie
  8. Ottawa
  9. Western
  10. Laval
  11. Montreal
  12. Calgary
  13. Manitoba
  14. Saskatchewan
  15. Sherbrooke


If your company wants access to the Millenial Generation (or Generation Y), you must go to them.  This group of graduates are in high demand – don`t wait for them to come to you.

Here are some quick tips:

  1. Take advantage of the alumni amoung your staff and ask them to speak at their university career days.
  2. Market your campus program, brand it`- a great example is “I’m Ready”…. “What Now?”….  “I Know!”  Each section outlines benefits, advantages and career opportunities at your company.
  3. Use testimonials from recent grads in all of your campus material and have a few at the booth on campus recruitment days.
  4. Design a career rotation program so that your highest of the high potential campus hires will spend one year in sales, one year in a support function and one year in marketing before entering a permanent job.
  5. Be prepared to cater to the values of the younger generation, which may include increased vacation, assigning a mentor, and the opportunity to learn various aspects of the business.

February is the time to start your on-campus strategy.  Let Bromelin work with you to create an innovative, effective on-campus recruitment program to access the talent of the future.   Let us help you make your organization an employer of choice!

Shelley Brown
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