“Thank you”
“I really appreciate your help”
“You were great”
“Good job”
“Thorough and well thought out”
“Very creative, an innovative approach”
“The analytics were exactly what we needed”
“Well done” 


Shelley BrownThe Power of Positive Feedback

Shelley Brown Tell people what they did well and be specific; tell them how their actions contribute to the department or the organization.

Here are 10 low cost, no cost recognition tactics:

  1. Call an employee into your office, just to thank him/her; don’t discuss any other issue
  2. Post a thank you note on the employee’s office door or entrance to their cubicle
  3. Have the company president (or your manager’s manager) call the employee to thank them for a job well done
  4. When discussing an employee’s idea with others, ensure that you name the employee specifically and give him/her the credit
  5. Give “Bravo” cards to employees
  6. Buy movie passes and include them in a thank you note for a job well done
  7. Create a “Hall of Fame” with photos of employees who are being recognized, with a short description of their achievement
  8. Keep a stash of “free lunch” coupons at your desk, so that you have rewards easily accessible
  9. Give your employees a birthday card on their birthday (cake is always appreciated by the entire team!)
  10. Develop a “Behind the Scenes” award for the support staff behind the achievement, or those whose actions are not typically in the limelight.

Here is a real life example of how the smallest form of recognition can become company lore…

A Hewlett-Packard Engineer burst into his manager’s office in Palo Alto, California, to announce that he had just found a solution to a problem the group had been struggling with for many weeks. His manager quickly groped around his desk for some item to acknowledge the accomplishment and ended up handing the employee a banana from his lunch with the words “well done, congratulations”. The employee was initially puzzled, but over time, the “Golden Banana Award” become one of the most prestigious awards bestowed on an inventive employee.


Let Bromelin work with you to create innovative, cost effective reward and recognition systems that promote engagement, productivity and retention.   Let me help you make your organization an employer of choice!

Shelley Brown
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