By employing the right people for your business, you are completing the most important aspect of your business. In order to find the right kind of employees that fit the needs of your business, you must first find the best recruitment process. Bromelin is dedicated to recruiting candidates that will suit the needs of our clients, by being both cost effective and time efficient.

Recruiting and training new employees can not only be expensive, but also time consuming. By using Bromelin’s services it ensures you are making the right choice. Bromelin has a team of consultants who use extensive processes allowing for only viable candidates and create personalized programs for each of our clients guarantying the best service possible for your needs.

Job Description

Bromelin has a large database of sample job descriptions that can be customized or we can work with the client to create a job description.

Job Posting

Shortened version of the job description to be used on job posting sights, such as Bullhorn Reach, Indeed, Simply Hired, Linked In, etc.

Candidate Information Kit

When attracting candidates, progressive organizations create a kit showcasing the benefits of joining their company.

Design Recruitment Strategy (i.e. posting, search firm, associations, etc.)

Depending on the level of position, a different recruitment strategy may be employed.

MBTI Assessment of Hiring Manager to Assess Fit

Fit with the hiring manager is imperative, the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator gives us insight into the manager’s style around decision making, communication, project management, team, etc.

Pre-screening of Resumes

Based on the competencies determined for success in role, Bromelin will pre-screen the applicants; saving time and money for the hiring manager or internal HR.

Candidate Matrix of Top 10 Candidates

The top 10 candidates are presented in a “matrix”, showing a side by side comparison of education, work experience, competencies demonstrated, compensation, etc.

Telephone Interviews with Top 10 Candidates, (documented and sent to the hiring manager)

An experienced HR consultant will perform telephone interviews with the top 7-10 candidates and send documentation of the interview to the hiring manager with each candidates rated, observation noted and a recommendation on whether to proceed to a face to face interview with the hiring manager.

Work Personality Index Administered to Top 3 Candidates

The Work Personality Index® assessment provides a clear framework for understanding the impact of personality on job performance. Unlike other personality measures, the Work Personality Index assessment measures personality traits that are directly related to the work environment and job performance, making interpretation of results straight forward.

Interview Guide Prepared for Hiring Manager (customized based on selected competencies)

Based on the competencies selected for the position, Bromelin will provide a behaviourally based interview guide for the hiring manager with a candidate scoring section for comparison and documentation.

Schedule Interviews with Hiring Manager (on-site interview support is available)

Bromelin will arrange the interview schedule based on the hiring manager’s availability. We can also provide a consultant on-site for the face to face interviews and candidate debrief and scoring process.

Compensation Proposal, Benchmarked Within Industry

Bromelin has access to numerous compensation / salary surveys and can provide benchmark information for the position. Based on the experience and competencies of the final candidate, we can assist in making a total compensation recommendation – base salary, bonus target, and, if applicable, long term incentive target, company car or car allowance and other related benefits/ perks.

Professional References

After receiving signed authorization for references, Bromelin will conduct a professional reference check with 3 people who have worked with the final candidate. We probe into specific competencies required for the new role and this provides excellent data for the onboarding plan.

Sterling Background Report (education verification, criminal record and driver’s abstract)

Pre-employment background checks are not complete without verification of education and a criminal record check. If the candidate received a car allowance or company car, a driver’s abstract is required for insurance purposes and a complete employee file.

Employment Contract

Our sample employment contracts have all possible clauses, are available in both languages and have been reviewed by external legal counsel.

Internal Announcement

Once the offer is accepted, we can draft a compelling internal announcement for circulation internally, communicating the new hire.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is when a company transfers all or part of its permanent recruitment to an external provider. Bromelin can act as an extension of your company’s HR or Resourcing function, sitting on site with the client providing a holistic hiring solution.