An effective onboarding process has been proven to have a positive impact on a business’s outcomes. Effective onboarding has been associated with increasing retention. Research has shown that a proper onboarding process leads to reduced turnover as well as the time it takes a new employee to effectively contribute. Bromelin helps corporations from hiring right until 6 months into the employees’ position. Our process helps at every stage of the onboarding process and aids in ensuring the there is a smooth transition between the manager and employee.

New Leader Integration and Expectations Meeting

Research shows that lack of integration is the biggest barrier to effective talent management. We can facilitate a one day process with new manager and their team, to understand the expectations of their direct reports and to communicate the manager’s expectations to the team effectively. This accelerates the new manager’s effectiveness, acceptance by the team and ensures immediate productivity.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Work Style Assessment

The purpose of this report is to help you maximize your new working relationship (manager/employee). If natural differences can be understood and appreciated, working relationships can begin on a deeper level. Specifically, this report will help you:

  • Better understand how you communicate with each other
  • Identify possible sources of misunderstanding or conflict

Build on your combined strengths to develop a more productive working relationship

Onboarding Survey – 6 weeks*

Is the job what you expected? Do you have a copy of your job description? A blank performance appraisal? How many times have you met with your manager?…… These are just some of the questions that are sent to each new employee after 6 weeks of employment. Engagement in the first 3-6 months is critical to retention and productivity. These survey identify any potential roadblocks.

Onboarding Survey – 3 months*

Have you received the training that you need in your role? Have you received performance feedback? Have your team members made you feel welcome? …… These are some of the differentiating questions that are added to the 3 month questionnaire.

Onboarding Survey – 6 months*

How would you rate your relationship with your manager? In your time here, what is the best thing that has happened? Do you feel recognized for your contributions? …… This is the last of the onboarding surveys sent to each employee, tracking their progress through their integration into the organization, ensuring optimal performance.

*Bromelin emails the survey link to each new employee at the prescribed timeline and notifies the hiring manager (and HR if applicable) with the results and recommendations.

Fun Facts Booklet

Team and information about team members is included in the Fun Facts booklet. Each employee is profiled, with their picture and full contact information, as well as birthdate, significant other, kids, pets, hobbies, favourite sport, favourite food, favourite vacation, hobbies, favourite sayings. This is given to existing and new employees to reinforce the culture and encourage employees to get to know each other on a different level.

Overview of performance management, policies and organization

As an add on to the benefit orientation above, we suggest doing an outline of the performance management process, key policies, employee handbook, products of the organization, R&D (if applicable) and customer overview.

Buddy Assignment

During the first 90 days, an experienced employee will act as a “buddy” for each new employee. Each person in this partnership will receive an overview of the buddy program and a checklist of topics to cover during their bi-weekly meetings.

Welcome Letter

Letter from the President to each new hire, sent to their home, at the point of acceptance. This assists with engagement BEFORE the employee starts at the company.

Welcome Basket

Cheese, crackers, cookies, specialty products – all make up the gift basket that goes to the home of the new hire at the point of acceptance. The gift card is signed by the direct manager and the division head, welcoming the employee to the team. This assists with engagement with the employee and the family members prior to the start at the company.

Benefit Orientation Meeting

On the employee’s first day, Bromelin can provide a complete benefit orientation meeting, outlining the complete benefit plan offered by the company. If this process is done by internal HR, we can assist in preparing the materials and presentation.

Payroll Induction

As an add on to the benefit orientation above, we suggest using this time to also include a payroll induction session.

*Bromelin emails the survey link to each new employee at the prescribed timeline and notifies the hiring manager (and HR if applicable) with the results and recommendations.