Effective leadership skills are an important function of management, when managers demonstrate good leadership skills it helps maximize efficiently as well as reach an organization’s aspirations. Bromelin offers services which may enhance leadership skills, either with a new manager or an existing one. Services which give the manager a better idea of how employees see them in their position, and how it may be harming their effectiveness. With the help of Bromelin, manager’s will be better equipped and understanding of the needs of their employees. This will help your team be more successful in reaching the goals of the organization.

New Leader Integration and Expectations Meeting

Research shows that lack of integration is the biggest barrier to effective talent management. We can facilitate a one day process with new manager and their team, to understand the expectations of their direct reports and to communicate the manager’s expectations to the team effectively. This accelerates the new manager’s effectiveness, acceptance by the team and ensures immediate productivity.

360 Leadership Assessment – Hay Emotional Competency Inventory

360-degree feedback is a method of systematically collecting opinions about an individual’s performance from a wide range of coworkers. This could include peers, direct reports, the boss, — along with people outside the organization, such as customers. The benefit of collecting data of this kind is that the person gets to see a panorama of perceptions rather than just self-perception, which affords a more complete picture.

Leadership Development

In working with our clients, leadership is their most important resource, it is the engine that pulls the train. We can help define the leadership competencies and determine how to increase their effectiveness, individually and as a team, and design a comprehensive plan that includes assessment, mentoring, group work, case studies, class room training, thought leaders, coaching and more.