For an organization to be successful, employees need to be able to maintain healthy relationships with one another in order to work harmoniously. For a organization to experience high productivity and human satisfaction, employees must have strong relations. This includes being able to deal with avoiding and resolving conflict issues that may arise during work situations.

Bromelin can help build strong relations between employees with services that help employees and managers have better, more effective communication. Our consultants work towards discovering the issues within the organization and then creates programs that are specialized to target these obstacles your organization is facing.

Employee Engagement Surveys

The right insights at the right time drive smart decisions about workforce strategy, programs and investments. Bromelin’s employee engagement surveys help you reach those insights by translating direct input from your people. Through our survey, we help our clients shape high-performance cultures, improve the return on talent investments and deliver measurable business results. Our survey can be customized to your environment.

Employee Focus Groups

The purpose of an employee focus group is to identify the needs and concerns of your team. As the name indicates, the focus is on the employees. Many organization conduct regular employee focus meetings with a representative group of employees, not only to help maintain an interactive relationship with its employees but to address concerns that might have adverse effects on the organization success. Bromelin has a proven track record of engaging groups in meaningful conversation with excellent business outcomes.

Employee Newsletter

Bromelin can research, write and publish an electronic employee newsletter on a bi-weekly or monthly basis to increase communication and reinforce teamwork and internal reward and recognition.

Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator Work Styles Reporting

The purpose of this report is to help you maximize your new working relationship (manager/employee). If natural differences can be understood and appreciated, working relationships can function on a deeper level. Specifically, this report will help you:

  • Better understand how you communicate with each other
  • Identify possible sources of misunderstanding or conflict
  • Build on your combined strengths to develop a more productive working relationship

Retention Strategies

Financial and non-financial retention strategies are useful when reviewing a high potential employee, an employee who occupies a critical position within the organization or a succession candidate. Bromelin has tools that predict retention and can complement the performance management, performance calibration and/or talent review process.

Stay Interviews

Today’s manager is busy. With more pressure and more change in their daily routine than ever before, they must somehow find time to also engage and retain the vital talent on their current teams. Talent loss only creates more work. Instead of waiting till the exit interview to learn why individuals are leaving, create a pattern of stay interviews instead. We know the signs and situations that cause individuals to consider looking elsewhere for employment. We can recommend a specific approach to mining a conversation for no cost and low cost information that managers can apply to retain the critical talent on their teams.

Thomas Kilmann Conflict Resolution Process

The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) assesses an individual’s behavior in conflict situations—that is, situations in which the concerns of two people appear to be incompatible. In conflict situations, we can describe a person’s behavior along two basic dimensions*: (1) assertiveness, the extent to which the individual attempts to satisfy his or her own concerns, and (2) cooperativeness, the extent to which the individual attempts to satisfy the other person’s concerns. These two dimensions of behavior can be used to define five methods of dealing with conflict; competing, collaborating, compromising, avoiding, accommodating. Bromelin uses this tool in the employee conflict resolution process.

Performance Improvement Planning

Part of a good performance management process is providing a structured approach to employees when their performance is lacking. Bromelin takes the approach of discussion, documentation, clear expectations and ongoing support.   The approach reinforces the responsibilities of the job, clearly states the performance problem, with examples and supporting facts, states performance expectations, action plan, support, regular meetings and stated review period. Consequences to not meeting expectations are clearly stated. The goal is to bring the employee back to a level of performance where he/she is meeting expectations and performing at an acceptable level.

Termination Assistance

Restructuring, downsizing, performance problems all, unfortunately, can lead to termination of employment. Bromelin can offer assistance in the decision making process, documentation, provide the termination letter, internal communication, and follow up with the terminated employee. We ensure that the process is respectful and in line with all legal compliance issues.

Outplacement Services

Two of our Bromelin consultants are fully trained and outplacement services and specialize in the transition process helping a terminated employee find alternate employment. The services include career counselling, resume preparation, networking skills, Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator for self-awareness, job search skills, interview training and employment contract assistance.

Exit Interviews

Employees who leave the organization voluntarily can provide valuable information to ensure that additional employees don’t leave. Bromelin has had great success in having employees be very candid about their reasons for leaving. The areas addressed include: overall reason for leaving, that may include:   Compensation, Corporate Culture, Dissatisfaction with Direct Manager, Excessive Business Related Travel,

Feedback on job performance / Performance Management,  Job stress, Lack of career advancement, Lack of professional development, Lack of Recognition, Lack of Resources, Lack of Work / Life Balance, Personal Circumstances, Retirement, Unmet Job Expectations, etc. We provide a full report with recommendations.