Compensation includes everything from the initial employee offer to separation from employment. It is important that companies are updated on the current laws, including minimal rate and how many hours employees may work before they are entitled to overtime. These laws will vary by location.

Bromelin can help your corporation effectively create a personalized compensation program which is structured to maintain competitive while regulating labor costs. Employees are shown to be motivated and work harder when they earn more through good work and promotions. Our team has the ability to implement total compensation strategies that support your business objectives while abiding by current laws and pay equity labor standards.

Job Descriptions

Bromelin has a large database of sample job descriptions that can be customized or we can work with the client to create a job description

Pay Equity*

Complete the pay equity provincial diagnostic in order to assess when the company must provide a submission; analysis of all payroll information; evaluation of each position to market benchmark; perform calculations to validate if any employees require a pay adjustment; preparing the postings; complete the “DEMES” in order to advise the government that the process is complete.
*Required for all Quebec based companies

Market based Compensation Design

Using industry specific compensation surveys, match the jobs in the market data, providing a total compensation profile including base salary, short term incentive target, long term incentive target, car allowance / company car level, and any other pertinent compensation elements.

Short and Long Term Incentive Design

Assist with the design of short and long term incentive plan design.   Short term incentive is defined as the target award associated with the expected individual, team, and/or corporate performance over the next 12-month period. Long term incentive is defined as the award associated with the expected individual, team and/or corporate performance over the next 3-4 year period.

Reward and Recognition Strategies (cash and non-cash)

The Rewards and Recognition program serves to highlight the excellence that exists in all areas and job functions across the company. Employee recognition can be given in many ways—through saying thank you, giving praise, providing opportunity, or showing appreciation. The   Reward Program is designed to support and encourage the values and behaviours necessary to achieve the vision and corporate objectives. This is a points based reward program, awarded and managed through an on-line system. These points are used to recognize and acknowledge your colleagues for their exceptional contributions and fosters a positive work environment.

Workforce Planning Strategies

Organizational design and headcount planning is an exercise that typically aligns with the internal budget process. Bromelin can help – we discuss your business priorities, assist with the analysis of current headcount and help to price additional positions needed for the upcoming fiscal period.

Payroll Administration

We can do the payroll input for your organization, manage hourly and salaried employees, bonus payments, overtime, RRSP contributions, taxable benefits, Record of Employment, T4s, T2200 and all related reporting.