It is important to invest in a benefit plan for your employees, it shows them that you are invested in their overall health and their future. If your organization has a good benefit plan it can help attract prospective employees and distinguish yourself from other organization.

Bromelin has a team that can help your organization provide a personalized benefits package. A solid benefit plan is not only for your employees, but the organization as a whole, by reducing healthcare costs. Employees who have better benefit plans will have fewer sick days and less trips to the doctor’s office which leads to higher productivity and bringing their best selves into work every day.

Benefit Administration

Benefit enrolment, communication, changes and payroll deductions can be managed through our benefit administration model.

Benefit Plan Design

We can design a benefit plan that includes health, dental, life insurance, accidental death & dismemberment, short and long term disability, critical illness, healthcare spending accounts, retirement savings plans …. and more. We can help select a broker and/or a carrier and negotiate competitive rates.

Benefit Plan Benchmarking

Bromelin can provide benchmark data for benefit plans offered to similar organizations in your industry