Integration… On-Boarding… Orientation… New Employee Program

Whatever you call it, most companies don’t do this very well. Most new employees are “thrown into” their new job with a “sink or swim” approach.


On-Boarding; what is it?

Shelley BrownOn-boarding is setting up a new employee for success. When a new employee starts at your company, you can give them a head start by providing them with the following:

  • job description / role profile
  • vision / mission statement / company values
  • organization charts
  • blank performance appraisal
  • product information
  • company newsletters
  • employee handbook
  • assign a buddy in the department as a “go to” person
  • take him/her to lunch to the first day

The manager should meet with the new employee the first day to explain more about the job, the company, the team and discuss their preliminary objectives and current projects. The manager may even want to give him/her a copy of their own objectives, so that all direct reports understand the manager’s priorities.

The new employee may also ask for the information above and should make every effort to integrate with the team.


If the new employee is a manager, it is critical to ascertain the team’s expectations of him/her as a leader and also to communicate the new manager’s expectations to the team.    This process has been shown to accelerate the new manger’s effectiveness by at least 6 weeks. One of the key services of Bromelin People Practices is a facilitated New Manager Integration Meeting.    Let me help you make your organization an employer of choice!

Shelley Brown
Bromelin People Practices