Providing exceptional HR service

Providing exceptional HR service is our primary goal. From working with you to design the structural elements of your business, to building and maintaining your team, we are with you at every step. Our full-cycle support includes recruitment, onboarding, payroll, benefits, compliance and legislation, performance and talent management, policies, employment standards, leadership assessment,employee engagement and development.

As a boutique firm, we adapt our services to fill in the gaps you identify and provide you with tailormade solutions to optimize the success of your team and enterprise.

Our trained and experienced HR consultants are here for your employee relations and HR needs in the following areas:

  • Coaching/Mentoring
  • Employee Relations
  • Employee Conflict
  • Objective Setting
  • Payroll/Benefit Questions
  • Performance Problems
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Employment Legislation
  • Termination of employment
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Compensation design
  • New Employee Orientation
  • Employee Handbook
  • Policies and Procedure
  • Job Descriptions
  • Training Programs
  • Organization Benefit Review
  • Employment contracts


It is important to invest in a benefit plan for your employees, it shows them that you are invested in their overall health and their future. If your organization has a good benefit plan it can help attract prospective employees and distinguish yourself from other organization.

Bromelin has a team that can help your organization provide a personalized benefits package. A solid benefit plan is not only for your employees, but the organization as a whole, by reducing healthcare costs. Employees who have better benefit plans will have fewer sick days and less trips to the doctor’s office which leads to higher productivity and bringing their best selves into work every day.


Compensation includes everything from base salary, incentive plans, reward/recognition, perks, and benefits. It is important to be current with all aspects of compensation in your industry and your geographic location.

Bromelin can help your organization effectively create a personalized compensation program structured to maintain competitiveness while regulating labour costs. Employees are motivated and committed in a paid for performance structure where they feel valued and see long-term career development. Our team can implement total compensation strategies that support your business objectives.


Compliance is making sure you are following the rules. Bromelin can ensure that your organization is up to date on policies, training, and agreements with your employees.

A focus on compliance can bring your organization’s reputation to new heights and may even lead to additional business development opportunities. It also demonstrates to employees that their well-being, through fostering a positive work environment, is a priority.

Employee Relations

For an organization to be successful, employees need to be able to maintain healthy relationships with one another in order to work harmoniously. For a organization to experience high productivity and human satisfaction, employees must have strong relations. This includes being able to deal with avoiding and resolving conflict issues that may arise during work situations.

Bromelin can help build strong relations between employees with services that help employees and managers have better, more effective communication. Our consultants work towards discovering the issues within the organization and then creates programs that are specialized to target these obstacles your organization is facing.


Effective leadership skills are an important function of management, when managers demonstrate good leadership skills it helps maximize efficiently as well as reach an organization’s aspirations. Bromelin offers services which may enhance leadership skills, either with a new manager or an existing one. Services which give the manager a better idea of how employees see them in their position, and how it may be harming their effectiveness. With the help of Bromelin, manager’s will be better equipped and understanding of the needs of their employees. This will help your team be more successful in reaching the goals of the organization.


Legislation is an important instrument used by the government to organize society and protect its citizens.  It establishes the rights and responsibilities of individuals and authorities who the legislation pertains to. Bromelin has training seminars which are tailored to informing businesses on AODA, IASR as well as cannabis in the work place. We have the tools to help managers and employees feel confidant in their knowledge on their rights and responsibilities.


An effective onboarding process has been proven to have a positive impact on a business’s outcomes. Effective onboarding has been associated with increasing retention. Research has shown that a proper onboarding process leads to reduced turnover as well as the time it takes a new employee to effectively contribute. Bromelin helps corporations from hiring right until 6 months into the employees’ position. Our process helps at every stage of the onboarding process and aids in ensuring the there is a smooth transition between the manager and employee.


By employing the right people for your business, you are completing the most important aspect of your business. In order to find the right kind of employees that fit the needs of your business, you must first find the best recruitment process. Bromelin is dedicated to recruiting candidates that will suit the needs of our clients, by being both cost effective and time efficient.

Recruiting and training new employees can not only be expensive, but also time consuming. By using Bromelin’s services it ensures you are making the right choice. Bromelin has a team of consultants who use extensive processes allowing for only viable candidates and create personalized programs for each of our clients guarantying the best service possible for your needs.

Talent Management

Talent management is vital to any business strategy because it involves managing a very important asset of the organization, its people. Which is the reason why businesses should effectively manage their employees because it helps develop their skills and capabilities. Investing in your employees will help you retain them, they will feel engaged, motivated and skilled making them want to stay with your organization.

Bromelin’s services are tailored to your business, creating training, competency models, performance appraisals and more to help develop and retain your talented employees.