Personality assessments have been around for years, but do we really use them to their full advantage? The Johari Window talks about 4 distinct areas that we all have;

Personality assessments help us to minimize the “Unknown to Self” category.


Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator

Shelley BrownOne of the most used assessments is the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, which measures 4 scales of preferences.

  1. Extroversion – Introversion
  2. Sensing – Intuition
  3. Thinking – Feeling
  4. Judging – Perceiving

Once you understand your preferences, it helps you identify your natural communication patterns, decision making methodology and approach to your work as well as many other behaviours. This helps to identify what you are good at, like doing and also to understand the things that don’t come as easily and require you to engage extra brain power and focus to access the “non-preferred” skill set.


Myers-Briggs is used with individuals for personal development and career planning and with teams for increased team effectiveness.  If you would like to complete a Myers-Briggs assesment or have a teambuilding session with this tool, Bromelin can help.


Shelley Brown
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