Word of mouth is a powerful thing. Attracting the best and brightest to your company can be difficult if you don’t have a strong reputation “on the street”. Even if it isn’t bad, just bland, it can be a detriment to hiring that rising star.


Attraction Strategy

Many companies don’t think about their corporate brand when it comes to company culture. We all understand what branding is when it comes to a product; “I’m lovin’ it” says it all for McDonalds. But what type of employer brand does your organization have?

  • Great career opportunities
  • Excellent training available
  • Values work-life balance
  • Strong leadership team & practices
  • Pays very well

The descriptors above are positive employer brands, we have all heard the negative employer branding.

To attract talent to your organization, you have to maximize and market the positive aspects of working for your company. When someone comes for an interview, they are assessing your company, just as much as your are assessing them for potential employment.


Let Bromelin draft an attraction strategy for your organization, including an “attraction kit” to give to potential employees during the interview process.  Let me help you make your organization an employer of choice!

Shelley Brown
Bromelin People Practices