Back to the office full time? Hybrid model? Concerned about requesting proof of vaccination or having difficulty setting new protocols amongst your team? We’re inviting all HR-professionals or related persons to our live roundtable event dedicated to discussing the particularities, uncertainties, and creative solutions you face in your organization. Gain knowledge and access not only from someone on the Axxel-Bromelin team, but from HR managers from similar organizations. In these uncertain times, we want to bring our community together, because relying on your network for support and working collaboratively is the best way to get through the challenges.

Come ready to ask your questions or share how your organization is handling any of these topics during the breakout room sessions:

  • Your rights and responsibilities as an employer (Proof of vaccination)
  • Implementing hybrid and flexible work options (Employee engagement and retention)
  • Strategies for mental health and dealing with workplace stressors for you and your team
  • Navigating and managing employee conflict (Resistance to comply to procedures)
  • Maintaining team synergy, company culture, and re-boarding (On-site or virtually)



8:30-8:45: Words of Welcome

8:45-9:45: Individual break out rooms for collaborative discussion

9:45 – 10:00: Closing words Senior HR Consultant at Axxel-Bromelin

After the event, the Axxel-Bromelin team is available to help you build your customized continuity plan, modify your employee documents with COVID-19 and pandemic policies, work from home policies, or anything else you might need! Contact us at [email protected]