Compliance can be defined simply as making sure you are following the rules. Bromelin can ensure that your corporation is up to date on policies, training and agreements with your employees. These resources can teach employees how to overcome common workplace- related challenges, as well as keep them advised.

If your company fails to follow certain rules, laws, and regulation that apply to your industry it could lead to severe penalties, including destroying your company’s brand or reputation. Training and developing your company’s awareness can help your employees understand the requirements and regulations they must follow.

The Right to Respect – Workplace Harassment Training

Demonstrate the commitment of your organization to providing a work environment which promotes fairness and respect to each individual employee, and freedom from discrimination and harassment. This program provides legal compliance and protection, in line with Ontario’s employment legislation, Bill 168.


Harassment Investigations

If a harassment complaint is reported, Bromelin can conduct a confidential investigation in line with employment standards and work towards a successful resolution. We will ensure complete documentation and recommend further compliance actions, such as a review of the policy, documented complaint process and training for all employees.


Harassment Assistance

In your work environment, feeling safe and listened to at work is a priority. You can start demonstrating your company’s commitment to wellness in providing a work environment which is free from discrimination, harassment and insures respect to each individual employee.

Bromelin can provide your employees access to an independent third-party bilingual HR professional to assist and advise your employees on the best course of action to deal with any potential harassment situations. This ombudsperson hotline offers both a contact email and direct telephone line to the assigned Human Resources Professional who remains available within the work week 9am to 5pm EST, Monday to Friday.

By allowing your employees to have this third-party service, it will allow them to come forward about potential harassment or wrongdoings within the company, without fear of appearing as a whistle blower. The anonymity will allow them to call and seek guidance if they feel that they are in a sensitive situation where they may not feel comfortable reaching out to their own HR department. Incoming calls or emails will be handled by one of Bromelin’s experienced HR professional, who will assist the employee and guide them in the appropriate steps to resolve the issue.


Employee Handbook – Suite of Policies

Complete employee handbook with a full suite of policies (legally reviewed). The handbook can be customized to include company specific policies and programs.


Confidentiality Agreements

Agreement covers use of company’s confidential information, company’s rights to inventions, company’s rights to publications, protection of business interests, non-solicitation, agreement with company policies and standard operating procedures.


Non-Competition Agreements

The company has a proprietary right to maintain its relationships with its clients, suppliers and employees. This agreement is a partner document to the employment contract and confidentiality agreement.