When the leaves start to turn, it signifies the end of summer and the start of a new school year.  Many employees are pursuing night school courses as part of their professional development plan, while others browse through corporate learning brochures.  Does your company offer support to continuing education?


Do you have a policy on tuition reimbursement?

Shelley BrownMost companies realize the value of their employees continuing their education and upgrading their skillset.  Progressive organizations offer tuition reimbursement if the training is in line with the employee’s current role or a future career move.

A competitive tuition reimbursement policy will include the following:

  1. Completion of a “Request for Continuing Education Course Reimbursement Form”
    • Employee completes the form and attaches a copy of the course outline showing cost
    • The manager must authorize the course prior to registration
  2. The policy will cover up to 100% of the course registration fees.
    • The employee will pay the registration fee and submit an original receipt
    • 50% may be reimbursed up front, with the second 50% reimbursed upon successful completion of the program OR
    • 100% may be reimbursed upon successful completion of the program
    • Employee is required to present proof of the final grade
  3. The policy will reimburse up to 100% of the materials fees (books, on-line access, etc.).
    • The employee will pay the materials fee and submit original receipts
    • Up to 100% may be reimbursed upon successful completion of the program
    • A maximum amount may apply (i.e. $200)
  4. Record of successful completion is noted in the employee file.
    • Manager and HR can note that this action on the employee development plan is successfully completed

An employer giving this type of support to an employee who is committed to a continuous learning program is not only a best practice for employee benefits and retention, it increases the intellectual capital of the department.  Show that your employees truly are your greatest assets – and worth ongoing investment!
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Shelley Brown
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