Technology equals change

Technology equals change, and everybody dislikes change at some point in his or her life. When confronted with the possibility of change, most people will kick, scream, claw, and argue to keep from having to change. Fear keeps them from trying something new.

Many approach treating a cold in the same way afraid to stray from what they've always done and try a new or unconventional modality. I won a battle with a sinus infection recently thanks in part to an unusual "medicine" I prescribed for myself. The right antibiotics and rest played a big role, but getting outside in the sunshine and driving my car share in the credit for my healing. Yes, I said driving my car. I'm a car-girl, a gear head. I love to drive, especially a manual transmission that has some giddy up like mine.

Oh! I just about forgot. I've been making plans for changing this site. There is something I really like about the site Not even positive specifically what yet needed opinions 🙂 Comments on this would be fantastic. Righto back to it!

Most cold regimen take time to take effect, and unfortunately, patience is not my strong suit. Desperate to feel better, or at least a little more normal, I prescribed a treatment activity that is definitely not standard protocol. Social media itself is a change, an unconventional idea for a lot of businesses. As a result, many are intimidated and sadly, never give it a chance.

Like medications, social media, is not going to fix all that ails you or your business. But, you won't know how much or how little it can help until you give it a try. To ensure growth and healing, you must be open to the possibilities. You must be willing to try something you consider unconventional. If you embrace the positives and respect the negatives, social media can be a great addition to your business strategy. But how will you know if you don't give it a try?

Let me mention that I got the thought for this post speaking with Lee from speed river moving. Thanks for that. I suppose you stumble upon ideas in unanticipated places.

Footnotes - The pics were wonderful 🙂 - Certainly worth giving a read. - Thank you for the critique. I am just the most horrible speller.

Posted in Law Post Date 03/26/2016