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As the web has evolved so have business opportunities. Whether you want to sell products online, or sell services online, the World Wide Web can turn your business hopes into reality. Right now, for a number of reasons, more and more people in the UK and the world are turning to the web to make a living.

Joining this number of people is a lot easier than you think. Online businesses are less risky financially than their bricks and mortar counterparts. There are no rents or business rates for premises, a good Skype account can considerably reduce your phone bill. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Selling goods and services online is also known as ecommerce.

Which Online Business is Right for me?

In many ways this is only a question you can answer. However, here are some ideas you might want to think about.

IT Related Home Based Online Business

The growing need for major businesses that want viable IT solutions or just complete a small aspect of an IT project cannot be overstated. The fact is more and more contractors are working for themselves in IT, so any experience or knowledge you have can be turned into a platform for an online business.


Web Designer

Web hosting service

Software Designer

Computer Consultant/Remote IT support

Online Writing

Online writing is massive. From blogging to websites, to email broadcasts, the range of writing opportunities is growing steadily day by day. There are whole websites dedicated to online writing, and despite the advent of video and live streaming, copywriting is still the way online business speaks to it's audience. Even videos needs scripts. More often than not they are written by writers. Who'd have thought?

If you are pretty handy with the written word, this could be the route for you to take. Some business ideas:


Ghost Writer

Online Newspaper


Medical Transcription Service

Resume CV Writing Service

Freelance writer

Video and Photography

Businesses often engage their audience through video. Pictures tell a thousand words and a video tells a story. If you know what you are doing and your skills are up to it, you can make videos professionally. There is a growing need for people with these kinds of skills.

Rendering and restoring pictures is becoming a big business, as well as developing and printing pictures online. The image world offers plenty of scope for an online business. Ideas for the image world:


Video production

Picture rendering and restoration

Digital image transfer specialist

Video editing

Online Counselling

The beauty of online counselling is that your clients can access it on the go. The business world is increasingly stressful and more and more people are requiring an opportunity to get career issues off their chest. This is also true of more serious problems. All kinds of counsellors are starting up online and making good money in the process.

Online therapy is an option for you to explore if your skills lay in this direction. Possibly, as a bolt on to your face to face therapy work. Consider:

Relationship counsellor

Business and career counsellor

Rational-emotive behavioural counselling

Cognitive-behavioural counselling

Existential counselling

Fitness, Health and Coaching

Fitness is massive on the web. From weight loss programmes to personal training, there are opportunities to explore and use for a business. The range here is extensive, and you can forge your online business relying on your own knowledge, experience, and skill set. A few professions to think about:

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Personal fitness sports trainer

Healthcare consultant

Weight loss coach

Business Services and Support

Accountants, consultants, translators, to administrators; there are plenty of opportunities in the business world. Companies are always looking for a way to bring down overheads and to outsource time consuming processes such as accounting. Often they are looking for guidance. You could fulfil one of these roles and start your own home based online business.



Business consultant (vast array of niches in this opportunity)

Legal transcription service

Secretarial service

Translation service

Telephone answering service

Home business consultant

Internet recruiting/jobs placement

Public relations agency

Management consultant

Online Retail

Online retail is arguably how online business got started. EBay and Amazon, the two big guns of online retail do not have the market sown up. In fact one of great things you can do to test the depths, is to start your own seller account on EBay, Amazon, Play, etc, and see if your goods sell. If this becomes a success you can then move on to creating your own website and online shop.

You can sell almost anything. Think about:


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Car parts


Spare parts

Anything which people want to buy can be sold.

Creative Industries

The online world is tailor made for the creative industries. From graphic design for websites, to showcasing your artistic creations and selling them. In terms of showcasing your artistic and creative talents, the world is very much an open book on the web. Jewellery design is becoming huge on the web, as are other industries where bespoke products are needed:

Think about:

Designer- Fashion, web, graphic, interior

Image consultant



Jewellery designer



Services do not have to be for businesses however, and often can be for individuals. Like counselling, these services will be bought to perform a service which is hard to perform without the right skills.

Genealogists trace family trees for their clients. It is a vast topic and is a rising start of the online business world. Watch the video:

Getting Started with your Online Business

Online businesses are not easy to start or operate but they are easier than the 9-5 slog and are incredibly rewarding. They offer the chance for you to control and forge your own future, and for a relatively low cost you could be up and running in under a month.

a big thank you should go to Mod Dish who essentially provided me with the concept for this posting in an Facebook message they sent me. Looking at their website they look like a notable Sydney based web designer if anyone's interested.


http://aspectagency.com - Good website.

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