Engaging your customers is a fantastic way to grow your business

Engaging your customers is a fantastic way to grow your business and establish a sense of community. It also brings a lot of personality to the business as well.

Because of how important this information is to business, especially if they are investing money into internet marketing, we decided to make a list of some great ways you can interact with your customers and set yourself apart from your competition.

Use Customers as Models

Use social media sites like Facebook to showcase your customers. This works great for products like jewelry and clothing but you can make this work with almost any industry. Be yourself, be creative, use humor, and make it fun; your customers will love it and your business will be refreshing.

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Spotlight Your Customers

Find a customer that stands out and write about them on your company blog. This will engage your customers and make them feel more involved and included in your company's community.

Use YouTube to Really Show Your Personality

YouTube is a very powerful social media platform. Use it to showcase somegood'ol fashioned business fun. However you decide to go about it, make it entertaining and be yourself. People can sense when you are faking it so remember just be candid.

Once you get to know your customers better, you will eventually find out what they do for a living. Introduce customers that compliment each other. People are much more inclined to return the favor in one way or another.

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