The Countdown to the Election is at 13

Voting. Its such a simple notion, and yet it's very complicated. Life gets busy, and politics sometimes recedes in importance. Politicians send a mixed messages, and it's hard to see through the fog.

But this election is too important to be left to chance. Here in the Mid-Hudson Valley, we need to get out the vote to elect Sean Patrick Maloney. Because this is clear:He will be a hard-working representative of the middle class, workers, students, retirees. He wants to protect Medicare, while ensuring the rich pay their fair share. As someone who started his own business that brought hundreds of well-paying jobs to New York, he'll fight to bring good jobs to our region.

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Nan Hayworthis the opposite. She stands by her vote giving tax cuts to millionaires, and says she can see no circumstance where she would consider raising taxes on the rich. She voted for the Ryan Budget, which would have raised out-of-pocket costs to seniors by $6,400.She doesn't represent the 99%here in the Mid-Hudson Valley she represents the wealthy and corporations.

So we need you!Help make sure the candiatewho represents your interests and who will fight for youin the Mid-Hudson Valley is elected! If you need any convincing see what Mid-Hudson activists Joan, Danielle and Ron have to say about their experiences getting out the vote:

If it's your first time knocking on doors or your 40th time, there's no time like the present. Join us!

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