The Deadline is Closing in!

The polls are open until 7 p.m. tonight, and registered voters living in and near McHenry have the opportunity to weigh in on some of this election cycle's hottest contests.

These include McHenry High School District 156's $2.2 million bond issue, the countywide proposition to establish a levy for "facilities or services for the developmentally disabled," and, of course, the McHenry mayoral election. There also are a surprising number of people (nine) running for three open seats on the McHenry County College board.

In addition, there's a race for the elementary School District 15 board (five candidates for four seats). In Nunda Township, there's a supervisor contest, and in McHenry Township, longtime Assessor Carol Perschke is challenged by Mary Mahady. There's also a race for McHenry Township trustee.

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The District 156 bond issue would add about $14 to the tax bill of the owner of a $200,000 home in the first year. Actually, because of savings from refinancing, it's net effect would be to keep the tax bill the same, but if it is voted down, said homeowner would save about $14. The bond issue is intended, school officials say, to bring students' technology resources up to date, plus add some building security upgrades.

The developmental disabilities initiative would add 10 cents per $100 equalized assessed value to McHenry County residents' property tax bills. For one interesting viewpoint, here's ubiquitous blogger Cal Skinner's take on it.

To read an FAQ developed by advocates for the the new 377 Board that would be established, go here.

The Northwest Herald also featured an extensive article on this proposal in it's March 31 issue.

Direct pocketbook issues aside, the contest for McHenry mayor looks to be the most intense local race going, with the possible exception of Johnsburg's contest, which features too much drama to begin to tackle here and now.

In McHenry, Sue Low, the current mayor who has held the post for 10 years, is challenged by Steve Cuda, who was mayor from 1993 to 2001.

Cuda was mayor during an economic boom time, and he has played up the city's then-economic milestones in his campaign. He also has pointed to Low's tenure as a period of less-than-transparent dealings, some of which, like the public works building purchase and the city treasurer's appointment, benefited Low's extended family.

Low, who has served through a far less financially fortuitous time, has fired back that she's presided over a council that has not raised it's tax levy in three years, that the new Walmart is north of a boundary agreement line to which Cuda, as mayor, ceded (he counters that the Blake property already had been annexed to Johnsburg before the signing of the intergovernmental boundary agreement), and that any decisions purportedly benefiting her relatives we're approved by the city council without her vote, and in the city's best interest.

It will be fascinating to follow the outcome of today's election.

Unofficial returns should begin to be visible at by about 8 p.m., with continuing updates every 20 to 30 minutes until all ballots are counted, said Kathie Schultz, county clerk. The returns are unofficial until canvassed.

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