Article marketing

Using article marketing as a strategy for direct targeted traffic has been proven very effective over and over again. But there are a lot of specific key points that you need to know about in order to become as effective as you possibly can and one of these key elements are to do proper article marketing research in your specific niche.

If you are using article marketing as a way to promote your websites to get more targeted traffic (Im not taking about backlinks here) it is extremely important that you know what your audience is interested in before you start your article campaign. Spending hours and hours (or dollars if you have hired help) writing articles about topics that is of no interest to your target audience will be a waste.

That is why you should always spend a little time doing article marketing research which basically means that you go to one of the largest article directories (e.g. EzineArticles) and look for what your audience wants to read about. It is a very easy task to do but very few article marketers actually do this.

Marketing Online Articles is the Second Key Element

If you spend the time on the research above you will already be way ahead of most other article marketers but that is definitely not all that you can do. In my recent post 3 Reasons Why Your Article Marketing Efforts Are Wasted you could read about the importance of following through, doing keyword research and creating a highly converting resource box.

One thing that I didn't mention was the importance of not just writing and submitting your articles but also to do some marketing of your online articles once they are posted. By marketing online articles I am talking about not just leaving them to their destiny but to actively start promoting them.

You don't need to spend as much time as you do promoting your main money site but even a small amount of marketing and promotion will go a long way in combination with the authority of a site like EzineArticles.

One of the easiest ways to promote and article is to social bookmark it. You have probably read the articles about maximizing social bookmarking benefits so I won't go too much into it.

The point is that by simply doing a little social bookmarking and other simple types of promotion and linkbuilding to your articles you will not only increase the articles ability to rank high in the search engines and thereby send you more traffic but you will also help the page with your article increase in PR and thereby give send your main money site (or whatever site you're linking to from your resource box) a boost in link juice.


Doing proper article marketing is not something that should be taken lightly and especially not if you want to maximize the effect. Doing article marketing research to find out what your audience would want to read about, write about those topics using a compelling headline and then finally spend a little time promoting the articles that you submit will have a huge impact on the targeted traffic and the future linkjuice that will spill over to your site.

I'd like to end this particular article by giving credit where it's due. I was conversing with Tony at play it productions and the chat inspired me to write this. play it productions is an experienced multimedia design company in NYC situated in NEW YORK and they've been wonderful to me over the years. Thanks for the idea guys! Right, I'm officially signing off for the night. I'm exhausted. Until the next time!

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