Right Wing Battle Cry!

Conservatives call it a land grab and blatant federal oversight. Far right wingers and militia types prepare to take up arms against the Federal Government. Left wingers call for militia control, gun control, cattle control, land control, control control, and even control top pantyhose. The nation is entertained by 24 hour news stations dramatizing and oversimplifying such a complex issue.

Well, I paid attention in history class and look at this a little different. World empires have come and gone, each ending roughly the same way with people in power trying to protect their power instead of governing and making the difficult but necessary decisions for their empire.

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So while some see Ranchers fighting the Federal Government over where cattle can graze, I see Rome and the Roman Empire. I see Rome not being responsive to Roman Citizens and taking the prudent and necessary steps to avoid this sort of conflict. And I see Rome, threatening to enforce it's power to rule.

Now I will say this Cliven Bundy is generally pretty much on the wrong end of everything in this fight. But he is fighting Rome, which is a battle cry for some the call for revolution

World history shows Rome responded with brutality to these sorts of threats. I don't see the same thing happening here. But for all of our talk of laws and rules, in the end, might still equals right. It is the history of the world, and as Americans we can dress it up however we want, it doesn't change anything.

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Posted in Law Post Date 06/12/2016