A woman has been arrested and charged with elder abuse and fraud for taking money from seniors. The Chinatown case involves over 130 mostly elderly victims and 80 cases totaling nearly $200,000. In the scam, the travel agent took money for trips, reservations and tour packages to China for senior clients, but while providing a receipt, she never actually booked plane tickets or made reservations or arrangements. The woman has been charged with elder abuse, fraud and multiple other counts. Do you believe someone you know is the victim of elder abuse in the San Francisco area?

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Financial scams are one of the many forms of elder abuse rampant in California to learn more, visit our website now. Travel agents, insurance agents, mechanics, home repairmen and telemarketers can be potential abusers, taking advantage of the elderly and their trust. In this travel agent fraud scam, the alleged abuser took money and even printed fake e-tickets for travel. Not only did the victims lose their money, some missed family events they we're hoping to attend in China and many we're devastated at losing their savings and not being able to make a trip back home.

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