Target Market: 5 Specific Markets to Grow Your Business

There are a few mistakes people make when marketing their business. The most common one is not determining a specific target market . If you are in network marketing, targeting everyone could result in sponsoring no one.

For example, if you are in the health and wellness industry you must be able to identify your subcategory. It could be weight loss, pregnancy, runners, weight lifting, weight gain, or other subcategories.

If you specifically target a group of people in your niche rather than everyone, you will be able to deliver a much precise and greater message resulting in better outcomes for your business.

First, determine your target market , but focus on not more than 2 groups at a time. If you are looking for potential business partners, you will find 5 great markets below:

College Students

Students have great potential to do well. They usually have more free time than any other person, don't have families yet, and they are ready to make REAL money.

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There are always exceptions in any market place. Some students are not mentally prepared to be entrepreneurs since college is design to get them a JOB.

Business Owners

Business Owners, for the most part, understand the struggles and the sacrifices that must be done to reach success. They have an entrepreneur mindset and most of them will understand network marketing.

Nevertheless, some traditional business owners are owned by their company leaving them very little time for other ventures. Business owners are probably your best target market if done right.

Real Estate Agents

With the Real Estate bubble a few years ago, there are many former and existing agents looking for ways to make additional income.

Many of them are real estate investors themselves; they understand business and passive income.

Additionally, Real Estate professionals normally like the ability to choose their own schedule and the idea of unlimited income potential. Network marketing provides both.


Athletes are a great target market ! Usually, they have a great network of friends/athletes, great determination and discipline to accomplish goals, and outstanding work ethics.

These elements are imperative to succeed in business. You can go after recently retired pro-athletes, or college players. They are not easy to find and the best place to look for them is social media.

Network Marketers

They understand the industry, and they already know that network marketing works. The key toattract them is building a relationship and show them a better success system than the one they are currently using.

As a target market , this category is probably the most difficult of all. As every individual believes their company to be the best in the market place, you need a GREAT SYSTEM to pick their interest.

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