What we need to do in our education system is to teach our students about student loans and the ways on how to deal with it. Most of the students come under a lot of college loan debt after they graduate and that creates a great amount of burden on their head. So here I am going to explain some tips to deal with college debt and understanding it, also on how to avoid extra interest and any other fees if they're on your loans to keep them affordable.

          1. Only loan out what you need Research in entirety and detail on the college fees, the amount you will need for living, what your parents can do for you and your aid reward. The point being you can customize your loan and you don't have to get into any loan schemes with fixed amounts that the loaning organization is offering. Even if you're taking the entire scheme, make sure you are familiar with every nook and cranny of that scheme and that no hidden details can surprise you later
          1. Part time job Get into part time jobs during regular college in evening and over your vacations such that the total loaned amount reduces. Inquire about any work-study programs if there are any in your college.
          1. Make sure you pay back Not paying back can lead to charges against you so make sure you know your deadlines in advance and be informed about your loan status always.
          1. Pay loan with High Peak Interest first It will be in your best interest to pay back the loan with the highest interest first to control your overall payable loan cost.

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          1. Private Loans Your college might recommend you their own contacts for taking private loans, the thing is you don't have to take loan from them only and is completely your choice.
          1. Best Loan The best ever loan would be which will give you maximum EMIs and minimum interest. So make sure you choose your loan scheme accordingly and are very thorough with all the terms and conditions associated with the loan.
          1. If in trouble If in trouble prune your budget including savings that were meant for your birthday party, that vacation or home purchase etc.
          1. Credit Score For newly grads, never go further than 30 to 50% of your credit line and make loan repayments on time.
          1. Consolidation of Loans Basically you can consolidate several smaller loans into one collective bigger one. It will make loan payment more convenient for you as you will have only one servicer to deal with now.
          1. Getting an Automatic function of Debit from your servicer Opting for this will let your servicer automatically take out money from your bank account every month and make sure you never miss a payment.

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