“Anytime you work with people, it’s interesting, unpredictable and fun.”

For Shelley Brown, human resources isn’t just about benefits, plans, payroll and hiring or firing.

It’s about the “business” of business, finding talent in employees and helping them reach their potential.

Since starting Bromelin People Practices eight years ago, Shelley has followed that mandate, helping companies grow and surrounding herself with what she calls “a fantastic team.”

“The best companies in the world get to know their people on an individual basis. We look at a person’s talent profile, their accomplishments, strengths, where we see them going and how to help them get there.”

Yet that’s not the only difference Shelley and her team make. By introducing Canadian clients to the international “Helping Hands” program, which sees corporate teams work together to make prosthetic hands for developing countries, she’s helping them give back in other ways, too.

“Our clients love it. And I love it because we create a culture of caring. This is where we make a difference.”